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Plant Flowers Resin Wall Sticker Phone Holder



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Product information:
Pattern: plant flowers
Style: European style
Color classification: P type grape diamond pearl powder grape single cell storage grape flower single cell storage grape diamond single cell storage pearl powder grape diamond single cell storage pearl powder grape double cell storage grape flower double cell storage grape diamond double row socket sticker blue grape Single compartment storage blue big diamond single compartment storage blue grape double compartment storage pearl pink grape diamond

Style1: P-type grape diamond
Style2: Single compartment storage of pearl powder grape
Style3: Grape flower single compartment storage
Style4: Grape diamond single compartment storage
Style5: Single compartment storage with pearl powder and grape diamond
Style6: Double storage of pearl powder grapes
Style7: Grape flower double compartment storage
Style8: Grape Diamond Double Row Socket Sticker
Style9: Blue grape single compartment storage
Style10: Large blue diamond single compartment storage
Style11: Blue grape double compartment storage
Style12: Pearlescent pink grape diamond

Packing list:

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